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870 Self Centering Vices From Vauntec

Process ChainVersatile GERARDI FMS Vices are ideal workholding partners for Machining Centres and FMS Systems; with an enormous choice of top jaws, they have countless applications.

With double VEE jaws they can self-centre and grip tube, shaft and bar work for secondary operations designed for mounting horizontally or vertically directly to machine tables or pallets, GERARDI FMS vices with massive, accurate, hardened and ground-all-over alloy steel bases are available with 6 jaw widths from 75 to190 mm.

GERARDI 870’s cover work diameters from 10 to 400with gripping force from a few to 15000 kg.

  1. Four GERARDI art 870 arranged side by side and back to back to self centre small pump shafts for key way milling on a horizontal machining centre.
  2. Three 870’s in line on a deep hole drilling facility.
  3. Close up of one of the 870 vices at (2) above.
  4. Test rig incorporating four 870 self centering vices of 400 mmdiameter capacity each with 12 (maximum) tons gripping force. Each vice has a hydraulic motor and 13:1 reduction box tomaximise grip.
  5. Hydraulic power pack for (4). Operators uses pendant control to actuate individually or together each vice.

Image In line