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Adjustable Angle Heads - Vaughan Technology

HENNINGER adjustable angle heads provide increased versatility to conventional machines and machining centres. They allow both horizontal and vertical machining without altering the position of the workpiece. Not only does this permit greater precision and accuracy, but also saves time and can eliminate needs for tilting tables, dividing heads and special fixtures.

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The cutter spindle housings of Henninger adjustable angle heads are fully adjustable through +/- 90° in easily set increments of 1° or fractions of a degree using dial gauge setting equipment. By eliminating multiple set-ups, the potential for error is avoided. Henninger have been manufacturing adjustable angle heads for over 40 years in many designs.

Technical features include corrosion resistant all steel bodies also specified to permit minimal thermal expansion. The main shafts of Henninger adjustable angle heads feature optional interchangeable drive tapers permitting them to be used on other machining centres with different sizes and types of spindle. In addition, the arrester (anti-rotation) sub assembly and the input drive taper can be exchanged without any effect on accuracy or rigidity.

Up to 10 bar coolant can be fed through the arrester/stop pins. Special arrangements are necessary to lead coolant through adjustable heads into the cutter spindle but when necessary Henninger provide solutions.

Heads embody paired pre-loaded angular contact ball bearings which have long life lubrication and ABEC 7 precision. A greater torque is guaranteed for the Gleason cut spiral bevel drive gears which offer a greater capacity than bevel gears produced by other system.

Henninger  adjustable angle heads are specifically designed for continuous high speed work with features to promote rapid heat dissipation. They are 100% compatible with all heads installed over the last 40 years and can be supplied with the same stop block and anti-rotation/arrester pin dimensions.

For use on conventional machines without automatic tool change (ATC), MTC (manual tool change) adjustable angle heads are manually flange mounted on the headstock.

Henninger adjustable angle heads are designed for CNC machines with automatic tool change for automatic transfer from the tool magazine to the machine spindle and back again. To facilitate orientation, the arrester arm and the orientation ring(timing disc) are both adjustable through 360° allowing the angle head to be set for any machine spindle nose environment.

According to size, our programme of adjustable angle heads can operate at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm and guaranteed for 12 months.