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BRUCKNER FACE DRIVERS - Vaughan Technology

  • September 26, 2017
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The BRUCKNER face driver programme covers a uniquely large range of driving and turning diameters – driving diameters from 5.8 mm to 250 mm and turning diameters from 6 to 500 mm..
Less frequently required are the larger HS series simply because there are in global operation significantly less heavy duty lathes.

But large or small, face drivers present the great operational advantage in that a workpiece may be fully turned in a single loading of the lathe. Neither end of the workpiece obstructs tool access or approach.

But machine and workpiece characteristics must be properly considered in evaluating which driver is the most suitable for a particular job.

Machine: available and measurable tailstock pressure
Workpiece; driving diameter, maximum turning diameter, material hardness, weight, out-of-balance features.

Looking briefly at the larger HS series, the maximum work weight for the largest BRUCKNER model HS250 (diameter 250 mm) is 1500 daN – one and a half tons – with a maximum work diameter of 500 mm and four face driving teeth (or carrier knives).

However the BRUCKNER smaller model HS200 (diameter 200 mm) accommodates work up to 600 daN – well over half-a-ton – driving work up 350 turning diameter with eight face driving teeth (or carrier knives).