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Gerardi – Workholding

GERARDI vices cover most machine shop workholding requirements with Modular and FMS three-in-one Vices, Vice Cubes, Cubes, Tombstones, Magnetic Vices, MULTIFLEX Vices, Self Centering Vices, Hydraulic Vices, Dual Grip Vices, Clamping Elements

There are two vice systems each comprising six vice sizes with a range of jaws and accessories. All manufactured of alloy steel hardened to Ro60 and ground to within 0.02mm on all working surfaces enabling beds to be used as machining datums and ensuring component interchangeability.

GERARDI Art 1 Standard Modular Vice

GERARDI Modular “Standard” and “XL” (extended length) series grip the widest variety of work at lowest overall cost, the system including more than 500 interchangeable beds, bed extensions, fixed/moving jaws, jaw inserts and other accessories. Standard jaws have automatic “Down-Grip” inserts. Manual Torque Multipliers give high gripping force with small manual effort. Or use hydro-mechanical intensifiers where foot or hand switch operation is preferred.

Jaw widths from 75 mm to 300 mm grip any work length. VEE , flat , compensating, high top, swivelling jaw options (to name but a few) also available.

GERARDI FMS “three-in-one” Vice
GERARDI FMS “three-in-one” VICES hold one or two parts per load

With a square section bed internally accommodating the operating screw, maximum work holding capacity is obtained within the smallest vice “footprint”.

GERARDI FMS Vice with “VEE” jaws
Equipped with VEE jaws. GERARDI FMS vices become precision self centering vices(+/- 0.02mm) with shaft capacities up to 400mm

GERARDI FMS vices may be clamped to the faces of GERARDI cubes or tombstones. However GERARDI all alloy steel vice cubes embody an FMS vice in each face providing the maximum workholding capacity within a given volume, combined with great rigidity.

GERARDI Multiflex Vice Cube
GERARDI MULTIFLEX vices available in linear form or as cubes, are used horizontally or vertically to powerfullygrip multiples of small parts. Of hardened and precision ground alloy steel, MULTIFLEX are often used with pallet
loaders so that one set of parts is in process whilst a
second MULTIFLEX is prepared for loading.

GERARDI Multiflex Vice
9 Bed lengths
300-1000 mm

3 Bed widths
50, 75, 100 mm

GERARDI Magnetic Plate Work on GERARD Magnetic Chuck
GERARDI permanent electro magnetic chucks from 150 x 150 to 630 x 1200 mm offer superb performance for many operations – including heavy milling. Always safe, fast work loading and unloading, simple and practical, accurate machining assured by adjustment of the gripping power to suit the machining at hand.Free working surface allows all available machining envelope to be used
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GERARDI Cubes, Tombstones, Angles, Angle Plates

GERARDI Cubes, Tombstones, Angles and Angle Plates

GERARDI offers a truly complete range of cubes, tombstones, angles, angle plates, sub-plates and work fixing/locating accessories

Basic units are available as cast, or with bases hand finished leaving fixture faces to be client finished or as all over finished units.

Castings are 40 mm thick G30 double stress relieved iron; finish machined surfaces are within 0.02 mm. Inspection is performed on 3D inspection machines

Cube heights from 290 to 850. Sections from 160 x 160 to 550 x 550. Tombstone heights from 225 to 850. Sections 70 to 150 thick.

Hundreds of size/configuration combinations with many popular sizes in stock for fast delivery

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