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Henniger Logo HenningerHENNINGER Spindle Speed Increasers, High Frequency and Turbine Spindles, custom and heavy duty Angle heads and Centre Grinding Machines

HENNINGER Spindle Speed Increasers

HENNINGER mechanical, planetary geared Spindle Speed Increasers enable modern cutting tools to be fully exploited wherever inbuilt machine maximum spindle speed is a limiting factor. Cutters from 6 units ranging from 7 mm cutter clamping capacity (max speed 35000 rpm) to ISO60 output spindle (max output speed 4000 rpm). Drill, Mill and Machining Centre productivity can be boosted up to 6 times. Use carbide cutters. Work surface finish is improved and costly machine spindle bearing life ir prolonged.

*Quickly set up: use horizontally or vertically.
*No maintenance, permanently lubricated and preloaded bearings.
*Available with Orientation/Arrester mechanisms for Auto Tool Change
*Can be supplied for thru’ coolant supply via Drive Taper or Cutter Spindle.
*Use for Deep Hole Drilling applications.

HENNINGER Turbine Spindles

HENNINGER Air Turbine Speeders run cutters from 35000 rpm to 90000 rpm according to model with a maximum tool shank diameter of 8 mm. They enable tremendous productivity gains to be made when machining synthetic materials and soft or light alloys.

Any mounting taper or custom shank can be provided. Grinding wheels can also be mounted and when used with the HENNINGER co-ordinate head, jig grinding operations can readily be performed on milling machines fitted with digital read-out for table positioning.

Outstanding performance improvements when engraving. Machine cutter spindle remains still and small cutters – 1 mm dia or less – run with minimal runout to give fewer breakages and longer life.

HENNINGER Air Turbine Speeders can also be supplied complete with Air Delivery/Arrester Blocks tailored for application with the Auto tool Change systems of Machining Centres.high frequncey spindle by henninger

HENNINGER High Frequency Spindles

A range of nine high speed spindles with RPM’s ranging from 25000 to 80000 supplied complete with Frequency Converter and Spindle Coolant unit. Power capacity ranged from 15 kW to 1.2 kW. Tailored “pick-up” stations (for location on or by the machine table) are supplied to store spindles when idle.


A range of heads holding cutters from 8 dia shanks up to ISO50 and especially tailored to suit uncompromising and difficult to access work envelopes on machining centres with ATC and/or conventional floor borers. Special “back-ends”, head flange support systems, long reach/small bore applications. Please click here to see some of the applications our angle heads can be put to.

HENNINGER Centre Grinding

Centre grinding machineCentre grinding prior to finish grinding between centres enables highest roundness and concentricity to be easily obtained by operations subsequent to centre grinding.

PLUS, component centres can be offset as required to compensate for distortion in heat treatment. So the axis of the centres can be shifted onto the axis of a feature such are a gear or spline pitch circle diameter.

High quality work centres prolong the life of the costly carbide centres used for subsequent external grinding operations.

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