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Henninger right angle and adjustable drilling, boring, tapping and milling heads

Henninger right angle and adjustable heads are designed for drilling, boring, tapping and are used with milling cutters to remove material from workpiece surfaces.

Milling is the most common processes in machine shops today, and is applied on all sizes of components from small individual parts to heavy duty repetitive milling operations.

After the introduction of Computer Numerical Control (CNC), milling machines – originally known as mills – evolved into machining centres with tool storage, ATC (automatic tool change) and coolant systems.

Right angle and adjustable milling heads incorporate case hardened steel bodies offering minimal thermal expansion and resistance to corrosion. The Henninger range is designed for high speeds, up to 10,000 rpm, over long periods and features advanced heat dissipation.

Henninger heads have optional interchangeable arrester/stop pin mechanisms and drive tapers, so they can be used on machines with different headstock and spindle characteristics.

Coolant options for Henninger right angle and adjustable milling heads include coolant through the arrester pin into the cutter spindle, through the machine spindle into the cutter spindle, and coolant exit around the cutter spindle. Coolant can be up to 10 bar through the pin, or through the cutter spindle, and up to 70 bar through the machine.

All spindles run on preloaded angular contact ball bearings to a precision of ABEC 7, and long life lubricant.

The new 860 series of milling heads are lighter in weight, and can enter a minimum bore diameter of 25mm.

The Gleason ground spiral bevel gears of Henninger heads are all manufactured to Gleason computer based calculations, to give maximum performance with minimum vibration.

For conventional machines without automatic tool change, Henninger  MTC series right angle and adjustable heads are manually flange mounted on the headstock. The flange TEE slot enables the head to be positioned through 360° around its axis.

The ATC line of milling heads is for machines with automatic tool change and can be automatically transferred from the tool magazine to the machine spindle and back.

Both the arrester arm and the orientation ring with 360 degrees of adjustment permit optimum orientation. On 882 series adjustable heads, the cutter spindle housings can be adjusted plus or minus 90° from the head axis.

All Henninger milling heads come with a 12 month guarantee.