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Live Centres

Bruckner Logo Live CentresBruckner High Performance Live Centres with Morse tapers from 1 to 6, metric 80 and 100 and when required Jano, Smart & Brown tapers, for work weights from a few grams to 20000 kg, the range is truly comprehensive including live centres with interchangeable points. The range of forms and sizes is the largest available from a single source.

Bruckner Standard Range of Live Centres

Standard Live Centres Live CentresPDF DOWNLOAD Live CentresStandard Range High Performance Live Centres features ensure rigid, high precision performance with long life; with drop forged housings for maximum strength, centre spindles of through-hardened alloy steel, triple seal systems and maintenance free preloaded ball and roller bearings.

Pressure Indicating Centres

drills 1 Live CentresPDF DOWNLOAD Live CentresPressure Indicating live centres (spring loaded centres) show actual tailstock pressure by coloured bands on the live centre spindle. Use these centres when face driving where they are invaluable to see the axial force being applied to the component end; or when machining long/slender work to allow for thermal expansion.


Centres for CNC Lathes

drills 2 Live CentresPDF DOWNLOAD Live CentresThe new “T” Line range of centres for CNC lathes which includes spring loaded/forward compensating centres for CNC lathe tailstocks and turrets, plus compensating centres with CAPTO shanks.

Bullnose Centres

drills 3 Live CentresPDF DOWNLOAD Live Centres“bullnose” or “cone” live centres are available up to 300 mm maximum diameter with 60 or 75 degree included angles and with standard mounting tapers from Morse 2 to Morse 6. Standard maximum runout is 0.007 and ZAG special accuracy versions have runout within 0.003 mm.


Heavy Duty Live Centres

drills 4 Live CentresPDF DOWNLOAD Live CentresHigh performance live centres for heavy duty machining up to 20,000 kg, available with Morse 6 to Metric 120 tapers and incorporate a ring to clamp on the machine tailstock sleeve for extra support.


Special Live Spindles and Sleeves

Available on requestPDF DOWNLOAD Live Centres

lots of drills Live Centres

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