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Here we focus on equipment for holding static and rotating work – prismatic work, round bars, tubes –  workpieces of all shapes and sizes;  mill, drill, ream, bore, tap.



FAHRION manufacture a range of collets and collets chucks for single spindle, multi spindle and CNC(chucking) lathes.

Collet types include Dead Length, EMERGENCY Dead Length, Inner Stops, Feed Fingers, Rubber-Flex Collets, Multi Range Collets, Top Gripping Jaws and Draw-In Collets.

Collet Chucks include Quick Action Lever Chucks, with flat back, short taper, manually operated chucks, power operated bar chucks, back stop chucks.

HENNINGER  revolving chucks and chuck mounting flanges

Full support for shaft or shaft style work at the tailstock end.  Flanges with mounting tapers from Morse 2 to Morse 6.

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